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Ayer Rail Trail

I have ridden the Ayer Rail Trail twice. Once in the summer at a leisurely pace on my mountain bike and the other this past Sunday November 13th on my road bike.  I really wanted to push it this past ride, but the number of limbs down narrowed the trail in many spots where only one bike could get through at a time.  The limbs also made it difficult to see ahead in several spots, which was a speed limiter.  Overall, I managed the trail end-to-end, up and back a distance of about 24.5 miles.  I did this in about 90 minutes, which comes out to almost 16 mph, per my gps.  I plan on doing this trail again as it is very scenic, and hopefully next time the limbs will be clear and I can keep my speed up.  However, if I want to do a fast ride with no cars I guess I will negotiate the baby strollers, dog walkers, joggers and roller bladders on the Minuteman Bike-way.

I have added two pictures taken from my low quality cell phone camera and posted them in my photo gallery on bike rides.  A.J.

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