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Disc Brakes on Road Bikes

Someone has finally done it, disk brakes on a road bike. I like this idea. I have disc brakes on my mountain bike and love the increased stopping power. Roadies on the other hand have been obsessed with weight: Disc brakes weigh too much. Come-on give me a brake. The average roadie is not going to ride in the Tour de France, or be on the Olympic Team. The average roadie is should be more concerned about stopping before someone pulls a left turn in front of them or opens a door in their path. The average roadie who does a couple of centuries a year maybe with some long fast descents may benefit from disc brakes. They won’t have to worry about overheating their rims, with their caliper brakes, and blowing out a tube; this would result in them being in a ditch in the side of the road or worse. Who knows maybe in a few years, you will see disc brakes on bikes in the Tour de France and other races. Disc brakes would probably change the whole complexion of the Tour de France and other Grand Tours as you would have faster descents in the mountains.

Anyway, here is a link to the article about one of the first road bikes I have seen with disc brakes. Surprisingly, it’s not to much more than the what some riders pay already.

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