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My First Ride in March 2013

Well, if the weather goes south this month I did manage to get an 18.1 mile ride in today. So I have three months where I rode at least one day. The route I did said 17.1 on the map, but my GPS says 18.1 miles. The only reason I can attribute to the difference would be the amount of climbing and descending on some rolling hills on the northwest leg of the ride.

I started out a little later than I wanted to and I didn’t realize the temperature was below 40F and went down to as low as 36 in some spots (maybe a couple degrees lower). Very little wind today, hands did not get cold in my gloves. It was also very cloudy, dreary and this route had more sand along side of the road than the other routes. I am also getting used to working with my GPS unit, which has a virtual trainer. I had a moment of triumph I did beat my virtual trainer.

Please note my widget for mileage for year does not seem to be working, but in case you are keeping track I have logged 47 miles so far this year.

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