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September Going to October

A beautiful fall Columbus Day Weekend and I have been sidelined since Thursday with the migraine from hell.  On the pain scale I have had worse, where I have had to go to emergency room, but none this stubborn that just want to hang around.  Just when you think it’s gone, it rears its ugly pain.  So my bike riding has been suffering.  It’s hard to get into riding shape when you are laying in bed hiding from the light.

Before this migraine crap came along I did manage a few rides.  I have a new favorite 29-30 mile route.  Yes it has climbing but damn, unless you live on the coast or down on Cape Cod almost every route has some hills.  I will have to post some pictures of this route as the scenery is gorgeous.

I had some observations and other things I wanted to talk about on this post but the migraine has me suffering from CRS (cant remember shit).

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