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Winter is coming 2013 to 2014

First let me say this:  I made my goal of riding at least once a month for every month in 2013.  It is just past the first week of December and I have slightly over 1600 road miles for the year.  These do not include any miles on an indoor trainer.  January and February of 2013 were tough.  I only got one ride in each month.  March showed improvement and June I was really putting on the mileage.  July we had a heat wave where it was almost too hot to ride, unless you got up really early.

This brings me back to winter.  I live just outside Boston.  The temperature this morning was 28 degrees.  The roads were dry and I could have gone out, but I did not.  I am hoping on some new cold weather riding gear for Christmas.  I do have enough to keep my upper body warm, but I need some nice leg and foot warmers.

I hope in 2014 that I can ride more.  I want to see if I can get between 2500 and 3000 miles in 2014.  I hope we do not have a snowy winter.  Around Christmas is nice, but the rest of the year I hope the roads are snow and sand free.  I know I will have to change my road slicks for something with more traction, but I hope to keep riding through winter.  Another thing that I can’t stress to much.  Watch out for black ice, sand and ice that forms after a thaw of snowfall.  Anyway, be careful on the roads this winter, and don’t be afraid to take your share of the road when it narrows.  A.J.

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