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Spring is FINALLY Here! (The roads still suck but are improving.)

If you have been following my mileage (see widget page) you will notice my mileage has been going up.  The snow is gone, except for the big piles in parking lots , driveways and some shady places.  The temperatures are getting above freezing during the day for a while now.   The street sweepers and road crews have been out cleaning up the sand and fixing the potholes.  So spring is definitely here.  It is time to get in more mileage.

My goals are for this year are to do at least one or two centuries plus ride at least one metric per month, from May through October.  This is rather ambitious, I know.  I also want to log 2,000 miles.  I had 1,650 miles last year.  So I think this is obtainable maybe even 2,500.

One other event I have decided to do is to ride the National MS Society Cape Cod Getaway.  This is a two day ride totaling 150 miles, from Boston to Provincetown, MA,  this includes an overnight stay in Bourne, MA.  It is a charity ride and as far as charity rides go this one does not break the back or bank of the rider by requiring an outrageous amount of money to be raised in order to ride.  However, I would appreciate your donation.  The ride is the last weekend in June and my goal is to raise $750.  You can donate to me by going to this page.

You may have to copy and paste that link into your browser.   Thank you in advance.  A.J.


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