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April Showers bring May Flowers and Hopefully an End to Potholes.

It is now May 3.  I doubled my mileage for the year in April and hopefully in May I do one metric century and maybe add a full century to it.  Now if the weather and my migraines cooperate, I should be able to do it.

My fund raising for my MS Ride is going well,  I am halfway there with about two months to go.  If you want to donate, contact me at and I will guide you through the process.

In April I had my bike refitted as well as my bio-mechanics evaluated.  I found out that one of my legs is shorter than the other and some adjustments here and there including putting a shim in the cleat of my shoe should correct it.  I highly recommend it for anyone who plans to ride a lot, over 1,200 miles per year, or has experienced some pain during or after their ride.

Another accomplishment I did this month was to put, or I should I say fit SKS Longboard Fenders on my Cannondale Synapse with Disc Brakes.  There is a Youtube video on how to put them on a regular road bike and you have to use this as there are no written instructions or diagrams included.  I had to watch the video several times but it was about 50 percent useful.  The rest of it was trial and error.  There was some error belive me, as well as some modifications.   All in all, I probably spent the greater part of a day and evening getting the fenders to fit, including doing some cutting of the front fender to fit around the front fork.

I am looking forward to May,  the weather is still moderate, but the only problem up here will be the Mayflys.  So I will have to remember to use insect repellent.  I hope everyone else has good riding this month.

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