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December 31 – The Year in Review 2014

First off, I finished the year with 2,055 miles and 3 metric centuries. I was hoping for six metrics and at least one full century. Life and health got in the way. A week-long migraine which included a couple of days in the hospital. This caused me to miss two of my metrics and through my training in a tailspin which may have led to my demise on the D2R2.

The year started out pretty good. A new road bike and some pleasant early January riding looked promising. Then winter came and we got hammered with very few decent days to ride until almost the end of April. I had an early goal to Ride for MS Cape Cod Getaway. So I trained often, early and probably too hard. This probably led to some amplification of some health issues.

I was suffering from back and neck spasms after long rides which led to bad headaches. At first I thought I was not hydrating enough. I hydrated more which helped the headaches but I still suffered the back pain. I was almost resigned to back suffering and taking muscle relaxant pills before and after a ride.

November rolls around and I find myself in a Computrainer Spin Class. The guys at the shop running the class suggested a chiropractor and gave me a few names. I looked up the names and they were all covered by my insurance. I picked one convenient to me and it has made it difference. I went for my only ride in December, which was over 23 miles in below freezing temperature, when I finished my back felt better than it had in a long time. So I will continue the chiropractor.

For 2015, I hope to get out in January, maybe even January 1, and continue the Computrainer and get back in shape. I want to work hard over the winter so I can get reach 4,110 miles and three full centuries.

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