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What a Winter! Now on to Summer Biking

Unless you lived in a cave these past six months, you know that New England got hammered with record snowfall. My only saving sanity was the fact I signed up for some Compu-trainer spinning workouts. It wasn’t until April that I finally got my first ride in. I only managed one ride in April but in May and June I managed to get the number of rides up to nineteen.

I started out doing lower mileage rides of around 25 to 30 miles. Now I am up to about 35 to 42 mile range and hopefully by the end of June get a ride close to 50 miles. I have even managed to ride up Green Street Hill four times so far this year. This is different from last year when I hit the big mileage early and ended up with back spasm and a one week migraine that landed me in the hospital for three days.

Other things that have changed is that has asked me to be an ambassador and post some rides that other people can use. I really like using and I encourage you to check it out.

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