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Where Have I Been?

Fall is Coming to New England

The year 2017 was a bad year for me.  There was not much for me to write about.  I did not do much riding due to an illness.  The medication I was on had severe side effects that led me to gain considerable weight.  

This brings me to 2018.  I have been riding more, not as much as prior years, like 2016, but more than 2017.  I am also going to a gym and working on losing the weight I gained and getting back to good riding form.

In 2017 I bought my dream bike, a Gunnar Fastlane.  I love it.  It is set up for long days in the saddle.  It has hydraulic disk brakes, Ultraga Groupset, and lots of other goodies.  I can also ride it on gravel.  Of course I still have my Cannondale Synapse and F-3 Mountain Bike.  I sold my Giant.  It was too similar to my Synapse and I didn’t have the room.  I got a good price for it to help pay for the Gunnar

So keep on riding and enjoy the fa

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