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I am now into bike riding.  This goes along with my interest in trains.  They somewhat go hand in hand as there are some great rail trails to ride and explore.  I have a Cannondale F3 Mountain Bike and a Giant Defy Road Bike.   I have always loved to bike ride and after dropping over 100lbs by using Weight Watchers,  I got back into shape to do riding again.  Ride and explore in the summer and fall,  photography in the winter and muddy spring.

As for my bike riding, the day before Hurricane Irene hit I was out in Deerfield, MA riding the D2R2 100k bike ride.  Sheer Torture but fun.  I know that does no make sense but I am looking forward to it next year.  I did not see any trains, but saw some train tracks.    As winter comes closer, and the clocks are about the to change, it will be back into the basement to work out my body and work out on the layout.  I am also helping a friend on his basement empire, by building some structures for him.  I hope to get a few more rides in soon.


As of September 2013, I have updated this site.  I have taken a new direction with it.  I am now more into bicycle riding.  So I will share my experiences thoughts about my bike rides and maybe throw in some of my training thoughts.  If you are lucky, or not, I will share my frustrations as well including troubles training, bike problems etc.

This site also contains information on my biking photography and other related information.  I will include information about shooting using a smartphone, SLR, a DSLR and maybe video.

Welcome to my website!
Thanks for stopping by.


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