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Road Biking in February

Well it is February 26, 2013. My goal of riding at least one day per month in 2013 looked to be in jeopardy just two months in. This New England winter seems to have flipped flopped January and February, at least in the terms of snow.

There are some differences to consider between summer and winter riding, besides keeping warm. There is less rideable road surface with the snow banks, sand and potholes. So, you probably should go for a wider tire. Put your 23cm road slicks up and change them out to something wider with some tread. You will thank yourself when you come upon a bunch of sand in the road. I also read that in winter the air is denser and you don’t ride as fast. This tidbit was in my club newsletter and backed up by some mathematical formulas. Personally, I thought yeah, whatever.

On today’s ride I managed 13.3 miles with a moving time of just under (barely) an hour. This ride also included just about 1,000 feet of climbing. I really enjoyed this ride, though I was a little chilly a couple of times. I should have worn more on my head that would have protected face and neck more, and maybe another layer underneath. If I was one a longer ride I would have. The weather today was cloudy, very little wind with temperatures in the low to mid 40’s. It just got cold when I was really moving. If you jog a lot outside in the winter and want to ride a bike, consider adding one more layer. This will account for your self generated wind chill.

That’s it for this edition. I hope to have more rides in March. You can check out my progress for the last 30 days on the widget page, which has a link to ride with gps website.

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