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Onwards to August

It’s hard to believe we are heading into the second week of August. It seems like yesterday I was wondering if summer and good riding weather would get here. There is still plenty of good riding weather left, at least through mid-October. In two weeks I still have the D2R2 on my plate. More on that later.

This summer has flown. In June I had one of my highest mileage months in a long time. However, July came along with two long heat waves. My mileage was down as a result. The heat was brutal and when you get older you find that you just can’t handle the heat as well. There was one week in July where I didn’t even think of pulling my bike out for a ride. The first week of August has seen weather that is more like September and I have got some rides in. However, my wife took this time off for her vacation and my work at home list has really limited my time in the saddle. I really need to get on my mountain bike more as I plan to ride it in the D2R2. My body and reflexes have to get used to a different bike.

I am looking forward to the D2R2. I know what to expect and I hope the weather and my car cooperates this year (as well as my bike). I know to take plenty of water this year, keep hydrated and keep my energy. The ride is tough, with the 100k having close to 8,000 feet of climbing. Not just any climbing but long climbs, and steep climbs mainly on dirt roads. I anticipate 8-9 hours from the time I start until the time I roll into the finish. This includes water stops, rest stops as well as lunch. I figure I will be wiped out for a few days after this ride, but I should be ready for the CRW Labor Day Extravaganza. I just need to make sure my road bike will be ready.

Yes, my road bike has taken a beating. The last ride I was on I noticed some more creaks and groans and they weren’t coming from my bones. My bike was telling me something and I need to check the trueness of the wheels and maybe overhaul the bottom bracket.

That is it for now. Stay Safe! A.J.

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