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October in New England

October is a transitional month. You go from the warm summer temperatures that still tease you in September, to the cooler raw temperatures that remind you that winter will soon be here. During this month you are treated to the artist’s pallet of fall colors that dot the landscape. Riding in New England in Autumn is beautiful. The hills don’t seem as bad when you are treated with a gorgeous view around the next curve.

I had the pleasure of leading a ride again this month. I will probably lead the same ride in November, weather permitting. It is the Ride to Redemption. There is a short and long version of the ride. The latest version will be the final one, depending on road construction. I had lots of compliments on the ride. I will tell you that leading a ride for a club takes a lot of work. You have to map out different routes, ride them to determine what the traffic will be like and make any necessary adjustments and then mark/arrow the routes. After this you have to print up the cue sheets and compare them to the maps. Finally you have to print up the waivers. It was work, but it was rewarding.

The only issue that was brought to my attention was that one rider was wearing ear buds while riding. In Massachusetts, a bicycle is considered a moving vehicle and ear buds are not permitted while operating a moving vehicle.

Anyway that’s it for this month. I hope everyone had a good month, I know my mileage was up over September. I also hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Eating season has begun, so try to ride more and if you can’t ride, hit the gym or a spin class.

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